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The ghosts were replaced with red, orange, blue and pink colored Moto Bugs while Rings replaced Pac-Dots , Monitors replaced Power Pellets and animal friends replaced bonus items. The maze was only available until 20 March , unless players managed to beat each maze in time.

The player can enable the "Sonic Sphere" tech to transform into a ball and perform a Spin Dash -like dash by holding the transformation button. Two Point Hospital Published by Sega. Sonic Mania appears in one of the two arcade machines available to decorate the hospitals. Spin-off rhythm game of the popular RPG series. In this game, the character Morgana is able to sport a Sonic the Hedgehog costume. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Switch. The sixth installment of Nintendo's popular Super Smash Bros. In this game, the fighter Incineroar has an alternate costume with colors that resemble those of Big the Cat.

The Oregon Trail

Numerous Sega characters are featured as part of a crossover collaboration, and Sonic, Dr. Eggman, and Shadow are featured as guest playable characters. All of these Sonic characters are fully voiced by their respective seiyuus. Sonic made history as the first video game character to star in the famed Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade , he debuted in the parade and remained the only game character to fly the skies until Nintendo commissioned the Pikachu float in Music from Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball can be heard. In addition to being the first video game character, the float was also one of the larger ones at its debut.

Smack in the middle of the great console wars of the s, there was an American Super Nintendo commercial which was in promotion of Super Mario All-Stars. In the middle of the class is an un-groomed deadbeat kid wearing a Sonic shirt who does not know how to answer any of the questions. Are You Afraid of the Dark? Sonic Dr. A Sonic the Hedgehog 2 poster can be seen in the boy's room right above his desk. Half of the poster is cut-off, hiding Tails , and only Sonic's silhouette can be seen.

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Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine. When George attempts to rent the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's instead of reading the book, multiple rows of SEGA Genesis games can be spotted behind him in the video rental store. Amongst these games are Sonic Spinball , Sonic 3 and Dr.

Sonic Tails Knuckles. Space Ghost has Sonic walk into Knuckles causing him to lose all his rings. Right before he turns the game off, Knuckles' theme starts to play. Due to legal reasons with Sega about the scene, this episode was left out of the DVD releases of the show. Green Hill Zone music. During some scenes set inside an arcade, the theme music from the Green Hill Zone can be heard. Coincidentally, an actor named Jason Griffith played a paramedic in this episode. However, he is not the same Jason Griffith who would do the voice of Sonic eight years later.

There was a scene in this episode where Bart is tempted to steal a video game. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine Genesis title screen music. In one scene, it would inside an arcade played by an angel but with the theme music from the Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine title screen on the Genesis. The Dreamcast's television advertising campaign included animated commercials featuring many of Sega's characters. An American daytime television talk show hosted and produced by actress and comedian Rosie O'Donnell. In promotion of the Dreamcast a man in a large fluffy Sonic costume ran on stage and delivered to Rosie a Dreamcast and a Sonic stuffed animal.

Sonic Adventure. Toonami is a programming block on Cartoon Network that exclusively plays Japanese anime. Occasionally the host, a robot named TOM, will review current video games. While taking a look at upcoming Dreamcast games, he said that Sonic Adventure "looks truly amazing" for its amount of playable characters and levels. Sonic reference. The robot Kronic the Wedgehog was named after Sonic as well as coloured blue with spikes on its rear, it competed for 4 series. Another robot named Humphrey originally had a green mascot that resembled Sonic visable on it's front.

Sonic Amy Rose. Malcolm is playing as Sonic. Stevie who is confined to a wheel chair is playing as Amy Rose who is the only character in Sonic R that is on wheels. In the Commercial for this new video game, there is a hospital with three individuals completely covered in bandages. The third one is clearly Sonic, his bed is labeled "Hedgehog" and he has a boomerang Ty's weapon of choice lodged in his foot.

The other two are Spyro the Dragon and Crash Bandicoot. The style is done similar to that of the "guerilla marketing" done by SEGA during the console wars. Sonic reference Other game genres and series reference. The Smashenburn family adopt a pet named Turbo who is a pound talking doglike creature with who robs pawn shops and smokes cigars. Being purple and with a spiked-mohawk he somewhat bares resemblence to Sonic. While Coop, Kiva, and Jamie are watching floats all of which are spoofs of other characters like the Super Mario Bros. Strangely enough, this is the float in which an alien spore fuses with to fight Coop in his Megas a giant mech.

During the fight, Auggie uses a move exactly like the Spin Dash. Green Hill Zone reference. One of the locations she must pass is down a hill followed by a loop-de-loop, the earth with a checkered pattern. Yumi was also running similar to Sonic. Robot Chicken is a show on Cartoon Network 's late night programming block, Adult Swim, that does parody segments on other media with stop motion animation.

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Sonic is portrayed by a modified ReSaurus Sonic Adventure action figure. There is a scene in this episode where "Wait until you're married" message is parodied by Homer and Marge. They then see a billboard with Sonic on it. The billboard says "Sonic the Hedgehog Says: wait until Marriage.

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After he shows the video, Tosh then told and showed everyone that he does a 'speed run' of his own to get to work every week. In another episode, a clip showing a high school women's basketball game, Sonic is painted in a wall, holding a basketball. That pose is clearly taken from the Sonic Adventure 2 pose. In yet another episode, Tosh is explaining "Parkouring" aka Free-Running and says that Sonic died while going through a triple corkscrew, with a screenshot of Sonic running through that "triple corkscrew" in Splash Hill Zone.

CM Punk, a pro-wrestler is seen wearing a Sonic T-shirt in the ring. However, this episode was never shown on television, as at that time SmackDown was doing house shows in Europe. Sonic the Hedgehog.

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A new twist is added to this long running trivia game show. The way it works is after the question is asked, all three contestants are given 3 answers to choose from. As an example, 3 games were shown on screen, the 2nd one being Sonic the Hedgehog. MAD - Season 1 ep. An animated parody show based on the ever popular MAD Magazine which pokes fun at anything and everything that is the least bit popular. It should be noted that Amy is the only character that is not drawn as a parody, that is, with another look or colors.

Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic's Shoes Animal friends.

Stolen Child

Sonic the Hedgehog mentioned. In All Worked Up , a midget, who is very upset, enters Lizard Lick Towing Company asking where his car is because he was repossessed and told to come and get his car. In one segment, a teenager does a live action video of Sonic the Hedgehog by running and doing flips over things while the special effects make it look like he is collecting rings as he is doing these stunts. Coyote "Winter Blunderland". Shuttle loop reference. After Wile E. Later on he chases The Road Runner through the shuttle loop.

Sonic Tails. In the annual kids week of the popular trivia show Jeopardy! A contestant instantly ringed in and said "Who is Sonic? Sonic the Hedgehog Amy Rose. In the fourth season of this popular AMC drama, there is a scene where Jesse Pinkman takes a woman upstairs to his bedroom, and the two of them sit on his bed and start playing video games. You can hear multiple soundbites from the game including Sonic yelling "Gotcha".